The Resilient Athlete



Designed to work with teams and athletic departments to implement yoga and meditation in combination with sport specific speed, agility, and quickness training. The combination of the these disciplines provides athletes with the tools to approach their bodies and stress in a completely new way; helping them to manage emotions, bounce back from set-back and injury, improve team dynamics, and performance. 

I call these - Performance PowerTools.

Science has proven the benefits of yoga and meditation for everyone to reduce stress and improve access to the 'flow' state that is our human potential. Unfortunately, many coaches are not yet familiar with how to introduce these powerful tools to their team. As a professional athlete, coach, and yoga teacher I am excited at the opportunity to help athletic directors and coaches implement these practices into their program using performance training as a platform, to support training powerful young minds and bodies. 


I'm now offering one-on-one personal training and yoga instruction via video chat from your home or office.  After years of being deeply immersed in both the yoga and fitness industries I've gathered knowledge and experience that can help you develop a personal practice and daily routine that is just right for you.

I call this - Precision Practice.

This is much more than walking you through a set of exercises. Each time we get together it is an individualized kinesthetic learning session giving you the what, how, and why of the exact tools to help you create new habits and achieve your goals. 

Each session we check-in with exactly where you are at that day and what your body and mind need. Over our time together you will develop a toolbox that will allow you to face the ebb-and-flow of life with grace, resilience, and charm. You will likely lose weight and get physically stronger along the way (believe it or not that is the easy part). The harder and more profound effect  will be when you access the immense power of your own body and mind through self-assessment and self-care. 

Sign up for a free 20 minute consultation and we can discuss your goals.  I'll present you with options to choose from in moving forward together. Let's talk soon!