Power of Personal Practice

Here are the practices for this four-part series for developing a personal yoga and meditation practice. Practices will add on each week to form a complete and therapeutic personal practice. 

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75 Breath Relaxation Practice

For this week your practice is to do 75 breath each day and a few postures to loosen up the body, get a sense of flow (moving with your mind body and breath integrated), and get a hip-extension stretch. It is also beneficial to monitor your sleeping habits to make sure you're getting enough rest.  If you fall asleep often in your practice you know you need more rest.

If you would like to learn more about relaxation practices known as 'Yoga Nidra" in Sanskrit, check out this e-course from YogaInternational.com below. 

raja yoga


Here are links to an asana class and some articles with more about the 8 limbs of yoga and the yamas and the niyamas. Remember we are practicing our asanas (physical postures)  in the light of these concepts. Considering our Acture, Alignment, Activation and Awareness while allowing your breath to be the guide to deepening the poses. Finding the sweet spot of steadiness and ease with effortless effort. Move well! 



Making the commitment to daily meditation will unfold a new dimension to your life. Establishing a steady comfortable position is key. Remember that if you are in pain or uncomfortable that it is perfectly fine to use a chair, the most important thing is that your head, neck, and trunk are in alignment. 



The practice of yoga is made up of two equally important components; methodical practice (abhyāsa) and contemplation accompanied by dispassion (vairāgya). Through systematic practice we gain stability of body and mind; we strengthen our power of will and determination. Persistent practice enables us to replace undesirable habits with desirable ones. When we understand these concepts our whole life becomes practice and we begin to embody our spirituality effortlessly. 

For additional information on developing a personal practice I refer you to Moving Inward by Rolf Sovik. It includes all of the practices we have done together in a clear and applicable manner. Enjoy the journey!