$47 November Challenge

Establish a Practice

Guided practices, step-by-step instructions, and experiential lectures to help you establish a daily practice of breathwork and meditation.

What's included:

  • 4 phases of guidance to develop a breathwork & meditation practice that's right for you
  • 10 guided audio practices with easy access on your phone for continued learning & practice
  • experience of a broad range of breathwork & meditation practices so you can find what’s right for you
  • relatable stories from Jayme to help you stay inspired for your practice
  • embodied lectures that guide you to explore your own body and breath as you listen
  • layered learning that provides you with a stable foundation to grow your practice from
  • community Forum for all your questions and additional support
  • weekly guided live group meditation & office hours (Wednesdays 12pm CST) 
  • Unlimited access to course material and future challenge calls, to support you to keep going!

$197 value!

For $47 + GIFT this friendly Challenge to as many friends, co-workers, or clients as you want for FREE!

After completing this challenge you will understand and embody through daily action the progression of meditative stages outlined in yoga. These guided practices are simple and accessible enough to meet you where you’re at and quickly become your own.

Breathwork is how we can connect to our own supply of vital energy.

Meditation is an opening to guidance from something higher than our limited perception of the world and our circumstances.