Bhakti Flows

Begin and sustain your at-home devotional yoga practice.

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Personal 3-day home retreat or at your pace program releases December 15th.

Group practice LIVE calls: January 12 & 14 6:30pm-7:30pmCST

Your Home Yoga Program Purchase Includes:

  • On-Demand classes that walk you step-by-step through unique flows that you will soon learn by heart and will train you to focus your attention, connect with your body, build your capacity, balance mobility & stability, and cultivate a loving connection to your Higher Power.
  • Light-hearted teaching focused on Bhakti Yoga & how to develop a relationship with devotional practices in daily life.
  • Lifetime access to finding a flow that can meet your needs. Modify the program to be a 3-day home retreat or 5-day program cycle as needed. 
  • Cave of the Heart Meditation, Sound Nidra, Fireside Sign-along and Call & Response Mantra Chanting practices invite a clear and focused mind, intuitive insight, devotional bliss, & creative expression. Practice along during your home retreat and as a guide for continued practice. 
  • Support to clarify your intentions for your daily devotional practice and DM support with Jayme to avoid pitfalls.
  • Home yoga community to discuss and share experiential stories that help keep you remembering on the importance of both play and discipline in your devotional practice.
  • Recommendations and further resources on implementing these teachings and techniques into daily life. 

Lifetime access to Bhakti Yoga Flows eCourse & homeyoga community app with 1:1 Direct Messaging support from Jayme


$199 - single payment for lifetime access