Stressed Out Humans


Stress management and simple movement for busy people

Are you or your team struggling with:

  • brain fog, distraction, or procrastination
  • low motivation or hyperarousal
  • neck, back, or hip pain
  • anxiety and depression
  • overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout

Leaders & teams that learn the 5 essentials techniques of stress management experience more:

  • happy clients
  • easeful and productive workdays
  • clarity in communication 
  • cohesive work teams
  • enjoyment in their work

Teams equipped with our stress toolkit spend less time getting distracted by phones, overwhelmed by conflict, or frustrated from unproductive meetings and more time achieving their mission.


Get the know-how to transform workplace stress in our flexible and interactive sessions.

A Moment To Breathe

 Eliminate brain fog and burnout with 5 essential stress management techniques in this online or in-person workshop.



Empower your team with quick and effective ways to calm your nervous system and feel better now.

with Jayme Sweere


You and your team will learn...

  • how to relieve stress immediately using the incredible power of connecting breath & movement
  • why your posture is the number one block to maintaining focus and how to correct it quickly 
  • the 7 posture adjustments to prevent back and neck pain from desk life
  • immediate ways to integrate self-care into daily work life

“Once the pandemic hit and our team went fully remote, we had to find a way to de-stress and move our bodies throughout the day. Jayme intuitively knew exactly what we needed. The explanation used to describe the sensations allows you to grasp them instantly. After the class, there is this huge sigh of clarity and rejuvenation. Jayme's lessons are made for living and are meant to be incorporated into your daily life. These are subtle but significant practices that open up space so you can take on whatever life brings your way.”

-Direct Commerce Group

“Attendees continue to talk about the positive impacts that having Jayme at our virtual conference brought to them. They learned to combat regular pains that are associated with work related aches, and there were so many sounds of shock and gratitude as they had immediate effects! The sessions brought a joyful environment into a virtual world and helped our attendees stay focused and happy throughout a two day virtual conference. Jayme’s calm yet energetic demeanor shone even through a virtual world! We will never have another conference without including a stretching and educational component after having worked with Jayme!

-SCORE Southwest Missouri

About Jayme

Jayme Sweere is a certified yoga therapist and creator of yoga programs that help folks  reconnect with their bodies and their lives and find a balance of discipline and ease to achieve their goals while getting or staying pain-free. 

A former professional basketball player, high-level strength coach, and content developer for Yoga International, Jayme creates intelligent, safe yoga practices for people of all ages, abilities, and experience levels. She is passionate about helping students bridge the physical and the spiritual, ultimately creating more alignment and peace every day.

Jayme holds an MBA from Wichita State University, built a tiny house out of all reclaimed materials, and lives in the Ozarks, USA. 

To schedule Jayme for team zoom or in person sessions, retreats, or event support fill this out and we will reach out to you.