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Hi! I'm Jayme

I'm a yoga therapist, strength coach, course creator and fellow human on this wild and beautiful planet.

My goal is to help you cultivate a personal daily practice that fosters healing and flourishing in your life. I applied the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, advanced performance training, and the latest human optimization science to develop this online yoga home that will help you stay devoted to your practice and support you on your path. 

This isn't one-size-fits-all work, it's about finding YOUR yoga practice. The best way to get started is to schedule a call with me to get a personal recommendation. I want you to experience yoga as a path to personal freedom and to feel that I'm right there with you every step of the way. We’re in this together!

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cultivate a devoted yoga practice

programs | courses | one-on-one

I want to provide you with structure and support to help you design a yoga lifestyle rhythm full of ease and joy.  Through specific prescriptions for daily movement, breathwork, mindfulness practice, & yoga education, we will create a program tailored to you.  Each of my offerings comes with lifetime access to my practice community to help us stay connected. Let's get to know each other!


book a call with me to get personalized recommendations


yoga retreats

Connect with yourself and others as you cultivate renewed inspiration to bring a sustainable and devoted practice back home.

Each experience is unique and based on the season and location. Let's build community while grounding our practice!


upcoming retreats

workshops + series

I'd love to offer workshops or a one-week yoga therapy program at your studio or event.

If you are a studio owner, workplace, or event planner looking to partner for workshops or series, please schedule a call with me to coordinate.


upcoming offerings

training camps

Learn a new way to approach your workouts and yoga that will breathe new life into your practice and reconnect you with a love for moving your body in playful ways.

Group training in three-week cycles that focuses on performance goals, ways to workout outdoors in local parks, and developing a movement lifestyle.


upcoming camps


establish a practice challenge

Want to establish a steady practice through life’s ups and downs? This introduction to the yoga tradition as a path to freedom is for you.

Through four phases of simple and accessible guided practices in breathwork and meditation, you will connect with them in a way that will help integrate a regular yoga practice  into your daily life.

Includes access to an ever-growing library of audio practices to support your ongoing journey, a community forum for all your questions and additional support, and weekly guided live group meditation & office hours.

begin now- pay what you can

therapeutic yoga foundations

An introduction to therapeutic yoga with tools to apply these principles in life, on and off your yoga mat.  This course lays the foundation for your personal practice and our future work together.

Ten modules of practices and lectures introduce foundational concepts of yoga like: developing stable & mobile joints, the 8 limbs, bandha, alignment, kriya techniques, five elemental bodies, and the importance of the senses in embodied action. 

Lifetime access ensures you can continually revisit these bedrocks of personal transformation.

build your foundation - $249

sanctuary home retreat

This is an immersive practice that will help you experience a new baseline of ease for your nervous system. An at-home retreat experience guided by the principles of Ayurveda. Choose to dive in for ten consecutive days, or over time as your schedule allows.

Create a new daily rhythm or establish a time of focused practice to help you let go of habits that don't serve, and implement new ones that do.  

This home retreat container can be revisited again and again to help you reconnect with a doable discipline that supports your progress and that serves your deepest heart's desire.

create your sanctuary - $449

yoga + creativity

A day-at-home retreat.  Practice self-care while reconnecting  to your creative spirit. We will explore the foundations of chanting practice and chanting during posture practice as a way of connecting with support and inspiration from a higher source. 

This retreat container creates the space for integrating change in your life with grace, and reconnecting with a lifestyle pace that supports your better nature.

reconnect today - $299

stable comfortable posture

40 days of hour-long daily practices to increase your mobility, find a sense of inner stability and strength, and establish a mediation practice.  Gain embodied awareness and a yoga practice toolkit that can help you get out of pain and experience a sense of relaxed ease in your body. 

Email reminders and daily practices for 40 days guide you through becoming established in a stable comfortable posture, which requires both strength and mobility.

get going now - $1200

live in flow

This progressive five-phase program (50+ unique practices) helps you embody a sense of flow in your daily yoga practice and experience a deep connection to the five elements of nature. An adaptable and life-long program plan to help learn how to get out of pain and feel freer in your body.

We will explore key concepts of yoga and locomotion with a developmental step-by-step approach that will have you moving in ways you never thought possible. 

Lifetime access allows you to choose the daily practice that is right for you.

Payment plans available.

get in the flow - $1500

one on one

yoga therapy

A monthly program that is paced for your needs and goals and honors where you are on your healing path and supports you through life's ups and downs. Membership includes:

  • personal assessment
  • detailed recommendations for practice
  • on-demand practices as needed
  • audio recordings of practices and sessions to sustain and support your home practice between sessions
  • monthly live yoga therapy practices 
  • personal & Home Yoga practice library
  • Foundations Course
  • Establish a Practice Course

Three month minimum commitment.

starting at $300/ month - book a call

training immersion

Are you ready to commit, progress quickly, and make immediate big changes to your daily habits? This one-on-one program is ideal for athletes in training, those trying to avoid surgery, or for post-surgery recovery. 


  • 4 sessions/month
  • a personal & home yoga practice library 
  • Establish a Practice Course
  • Foundations Course 
  • customized 3-day program cycle for ongoing progress 

Three month minimum commitment.

$1200/ month - book a call

self-study program

Do you want to connect to your own idea of success and have the support, action plan, and tools you need to get there? Your goals and needs set the pace toward cultivating a lifestyle that fosters healing & transformation.

This is a program of self-study for working in a trauma-informed way toward strength, stability, embodied awareness, pain-free living, and a sense of inner freedom. 


  • 2x monthly sessions
  • all online courses
  • a personal practice library
  • a three-day retreat conclusion at my place to develop a 3-day training cycle for you (and celebrate!)

One year commitment.

$800/ month - book a call

my goal as a teacher is to help you find your yoga

 let's get to know each other!

book a call with me


"It is rare to meet one as devoted to wholeness as Jayme. Her Practice, be it yoga, meditation, chant, prayer or embodiment roots into the core of life itself.

When you say 'Yes' to that invitation the restoration of your own core strength starts exactly where you are. Whether it is balancing elements in your life or learning to roll with the ease of an infant (not as easy as it sounds) there is healing."

Christine, Educator

letting go is a skill


We all know that it is beneficial to relax and and reduce our stress levels, but until we know how to actually do this physically, this is just another confusing abstract idea.

Your practice will help you to recognize and soften long-held tension patterns in the body through a combination of guided soft tissue release, breathing techniques, somatic practices, and mindful movement.

Together we can develop your capacity for sensitive inner listening to build your trust in the strength and wisdom of your own body and the healing process. 

Informed by the spiral nature of the universe, your practice is established in technique because the aim is freedom.

begin again


I'm here to support you in reprogramming dysfunctional patterns of the mind and emotions, so that you can get unstuck from ways of being that no longer serve you. Developmental movement theory, yoga philosophy, and the latest scientific research inform all of my practice prescriptions.  Let's begin again, together.

"Jayme helped me feel at home in my body again. Through her kindness and non-judgemental observation I also learned how to be gentle to my body and worked with her to increase critical strength. In 40 days of yoga therapy with her I am already seeing a massive difference in my core strength and in how I relate to my own body. I breath easier and, a bonus, so much anxiety has subsided. Thank you so much for your help! I am truly, truly grateful!!"

Celia, Event Planner

ready to get started?

book a free call with me for a tour of the learning platform and a personalized program recommendation

not sure where to begin?


Join my Establish a Practice Challenge course to get a feel for my teaching style, plus lifetime access to my yoga community. I created this program to help you establish a regular breathwork and meditation practice that is anchored in the unbroken lineage of the yoga tradition. 

begin now for $15

"Private yoga therapy with Jayme unlocked 20+ years of literally moving the wrong way for me. Since then I sleep more deeply, breathe more fully and feel alive again in my body. I highly recommend any opportunity to learn and be guided by this wonder filled Soul and teacher!"

Kim, Freelance Writer

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