Yoga programs & retreats that bridge everyday life and the Sacred

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The Elements of Practice


Learn the essential teachings of yoga & Ayurveda as you create a lifestyle that is in rhythm with nature.
















Yoga programs designed to support balanced living.

Learn how to adapt your practice each day and get practical guidance as you devote yourself to your cultivating your own spiritual discipline. 

Yoga as self-inquiry helps you recognize and reconcile unconscious patterns of self-sabotage that keep you from meeting your potential.

 Build Your Foundation 

One-on-One Guidance - Functional Movement Flows - Developmental Pattern Screening - Ayurvedic Self-Care Rhythms - Somatic Body-Based Yoga Practice Prescriptions

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one month program

Therapeutic Yoga Foundations

Begin Again

  • One-on-one session (90 minutes)
  •  Foundations Program ten days OR self-paced
  • Introduction to my approach to yoga practice & lifestyle design
  • Therapeutic Living Circle access (1 month) - 2 community calls, 2 checkins
  • Personalized Practice Recording & Action Plan
Establish a Practice

three month program

Sanctuary Home Retreat

Reclaim Your Time

  • 2 one-on-one (90 minute sessions)
  • Self-paced OR ten-day options
  • Elemental Assessment (Dosha) 
  • Establish a routine based on your nature
  • Create space for healing, emotional processing, creativity, & connection
  • Lifestyle rhythms for your elemental nature
  • Six taste recipes for digestion and mood
  • 3 Month TLC member access
Create Your Sanctuary

one year program

Live In Flow


  • Seasonal one-on-one sessions
  • 50+ progressive on-demand practices
  • Step by step, developmentally based, yoga to establish steadiness and ease in posture
  • One year Therapeutic Living Circle member access (2 calls + 2 check ins + practice library) 
  • Foundations & Sanctuary Program
  • Discounts on additional one-on-one sessions + in person retreats
Get the Details

Transformation happens at home.


Get individualized guidance in creating your own Ayurvedic, self-care rhythm.

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This is yoga teaching you won’t find in a studio or a gym. Get the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need.


Finally, relieve chronic tension and pain. Reconnect with your body and breath. Reconnect with your life.

Musings on Practice

A free space where I share stories, practices and insight on living a soul-filled life. 

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Hey I'm Jayme.

I’m a yoga therapist, strength coach, lifestyle guide, and stress management educator. I have created hybrid format programs and retreats that help my clients find a balance of discipline and ease in daily life.

I believe we are experiencing a crisis of the Spirit in our world today and that developing inner resources and a supportive community (sangha) are vital for our collective healing and thriving. 

It is with this on my heart I decided to create progressive programs that integrate yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life and combine the wisdom of all my personal experience. Each one is it's own pathway of self-discovery aimed at facilitating a process of transforming how you experience yourself.  

Having a body to taking good care of it is hard work! So I wanted to do all I could to help my clients follow through and reach their goals by supporting our one-on-one work with a suite of home yoga programs designed to balance discipline and ease in your daily rhythms and progress towards your goals in a step-by-step and practical way.

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What is Yoga Therapy?

"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga."

-International Association for Yoga Therapists 


Yoga Therapy is about healing and flourishing. Learning to create a healing lifestyle that you’ll carry with you forever. It incorporates your whole life, not just posture. 


What my students have been saying:

“I am no longer in pain in my back or neck even though I have fallen away from the practice for several months. I feel the compounding benefit!”

“I feel more ability for inner stillness and less self-attacking inside. I don’t turn on myself as badly as I used to, less judgment.”

“I had a deeper understanding of why and how my body moves. I experience way less pain and am more able to address my own pain.” 

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