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Yoga Practice 101 

October 14 @ 2:00pm

Essential Yoga - Springfield, MO 

Join Jayme Sweere for a gentle launch into why and how to develop or deepen your yoga practice!
If you've ever felt overwhelmed in a yoga class, struggled with maintaining discipline, or wondered about yoga's deeper insights into purposeful living and spirituality, this beginner's guide is your path to clarity. Join Jayme to demystify your experience of yoga and cultivate a meaningful and doable personal practice that has the potential to heal and transform you.

In this 2-hour workshop you will learn:

  • Posture Mastery: Gain insights into the alignment that applies to all postures
  • Styles Unveiled: insights to help you find the practice style that resonates with you.
  • Yogi Life: Develop a mindset that extends beyond the mat, fostering a more connected and intentional way of life.
  • MENTAL HEALTH help anyone?!: Delve into yoga's invaluable lessons on protecting and nurturing your mind.
  • Self-Adjustment: Learn how to modify to accommodate your pains and capacity.
  • Personalized Practice: craft a yoga practice that aligns with your unique goals and desires.

This workshop aims to establish the groundwork for a lifelong yoga practice that transcends postures and techniques. Jayme will share her personal story of embracing yoga as a spiritual path and navigating the diverse yoga landscape while maintaining a dedicated personal practice to unveil yoga's true essence and therapeutic potential.

Reserve your spot today and connect with a practice worth devoting yourself to. Yoga teachers can earn 3 YA CEUs with required homework and follow-up.

$25 for online attendance or members of Essential Yoga Studio; $30 for non-members; $55 for teachers (3 YA CEUs, homework required)

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