Fall In Love

Yoga Retreat

November 1-3, 2024 at the Circle Yoga Shala

Join me in the Ozarks to fall back in love with your yoga practice

During this weekend retreat, you will: 

  • learn the essence of what Bhakti Yoga is and how to infuse your daily practice with devotion
  • learn-by-heart five unique elemental yoga flows created to help you care for your body¬†and open to¬†love
  • receive detailed breakdowns of each flow so you know just how to move on your own
  • workshop¬†key aspects of yoga that will lay the foundation for devotional life
  • hear Jayme's personal stories and experiences with Bhakti Yoga
  • inquire into your personal relationship with YOUR Higher Power and love itself
  • get guidance for connecting with nature in a playful and devotional way as a source of strength and inspiration
  • meet and connect with fellow travelers who love yoga and life
  • return to daily life¬†with practice recordings and inspiration for a devoted home yoga practice
  • get lifetime access to my yoga therapy practice library and home yoga community with direct messaging to stay in touch

What is Bhakti Yoga?

Join me to find out in this weekend retreat in the Ozark Mountains during peak fall! This intimate immersion will help you cultivate a yoga practice that centers loving devotion and connection to YOUR Higher Power. 

You will experience six unique heart-centered yoga flows that are designed to help you feel and know for yourself what Bhakti Yoga is! These unique flows combine to make a weekly practice rhythm that will not only wisely increase your mobility and strength but also connect you to an embodied sense of trustful surrender and the joy & freedom that follow. 



Retreat Cost: $399 +  lodging & meals 

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What to expect: 

  • Yoga practices that train your attention, connect with your body, build your capacity, and cultivate a loving connection to your Higher Power.
  • Cave of the Heart Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Call & Response Mantra Chanting practices that invite a clear and focused mind, intuitive insight, devotional bliss, & creative expression.
  • Teaching¬†focused on Bhakti Yoga &¬†how to develop a relationship with devotional practices in daily life.
  • Circle facilitation to clarify your intentions for your daily devotional practice and support avoiding pitfalls.
  • Ayurvedically inspired seasonal meals that support digestion, deep nourishment, and¬†meditative focus.
  • Discussion and stories on the importance of both play and discipline in your devotional practice.
  • Recommendations, recordings, and further resources on how to implement these teachings and techniques into daily life when you return home.¬†
  • Relaxed time together to make new¬†friends and share in the blessing of community.¬†
  • An immersive learning experience without any need to take notes or retain 'heady' information¬†because the eCourse will be in your inbox soon after the retreat!¬†
  • Connect with nature on a guided¬†walk and optional visit the most beautiful swimming hole for a rejuvenating dip.

Retreat Cost: $399 + lodging & meals 

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love your flow

Return home to daily practice with 5 heart-centered elemental yoga flows. 

Are you feeling...

  • out of touch with your self and a personal practice

  • misaligned with the rhythms of nature & not sure how to get back 'on track'

  • in need of clarity, rest, and connection but not sure what to do

  • desire time for creativity and¬†a devotional life¬†but can't find the time & space you need for yourself

  • inching towards burnout from being overworked & needing a new more heart-felt approach

  • in need of a grounded and nourishing getaway¬†

  • longing¬†to reignite your¬†daily connection¬†to something Higher

  • a desire for¬†space to move inward and connect to your source

  • ready for change but need support to create structure and discipline in your devoted daily yoga practice

  • want to reconnect with why you practice and cultivate a devotional approach

You've come to the right place.



Retreat Cost: $399 +  lodging & meals 

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 Why Fall In Love?

This weekend retreat program is filled with creative ways to integrate devotional presence into daily life. Our time together is designed to reinspire your love of practice and provide you with the support you need to sustain your home practice with recordings and my home yoga community.   

Your retreat has seasonal Ayurvedic support built in! Your participation will support you to gently transition from summer to autumn while you enjoy nourishing meals, encouraging community, and outdoor adventures as well as have time for personal exploration or creativity.

Our COVID-19 policy:

We will require proof of vaccination and/OR recent covid test taken within 5 days  of the retreat. Masks & self-quarantine (prior to the retreat) are strongly encouraged for unvaccinated attendees.

Lodging Details:

Lodging is purchased from the Circle Yoga Shala. Offering private rooms, dorms, and camping options between $80-$140 for the retreat. Bring your own bedding. 

Meet Your Teacher

Jayme Sweere - C-IAYT, eRYT 500, CPT, MBA

Hi y'all!

I am a yoga therapist, strength coach, artist, and creator of online yoga programs that help people find balanced daily rhythms that reconnect them with their bodies and vitality through a practical spiritual discipline.
I love to find simple and innovative ways to help students bridge the physical and the spiritual to create more ease, alignment, and peace in daily life.

Learn more about me and my teaching at JaymeSweere.com/about.

I'd love to be your guide into the

beautiful world of Bhakti! 



Retreat Cost: $399 +  lodging & meals 

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Frequently asked questions...

What is the Circle Yoga Shala?  

Fondly called 'The Shala' by those of us who study there it's a Wisdom School in the Ozark Mountains. The land, people, and rhythm of life will feel like home as soon as you arrive. 

I am blessed to live there for much of the year in my reclaimed tiny house on wheels named turtle medicine which I will of course give you a tour of during our time there together!

Want updates or have any questions? 

Drop me your email and I will reach out!



Learn the importance of tapping into the rhythm of the seasons and using each one to inform your lifestyle. The patterns of nature can teach us a lot if we learn to listen and heed her call. From the food, we eat, to the way we move - the season can be a teacher to help us incorporate habits that support us and slowly start to come more naturally with practice.



Applying ritual to our lives can make the mundane magical. Together we practice ritual in an accessible way for beginners. You’ll return home with the wisdom of how to enrich your days with reverence for the present moment. It’s with these practices that we start to become more open to weaving joy and sensuality into our every day.



Deep rest is a priority at each retreat. Remembering how to rest is the first step to shifting patterns of over-work & we integrate techniques that will help turn off the overstimulation and restlessness our nervous system experiences when out of alignment. Through restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and time spent in nature, our bodies and spirits start to recall what it feels like the rest well & we hope this is a feeling you’ll use to inspire more rest in your daily life.

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself, your creativity, Love, nature, and community?



Retreat Price: $399 + lodging & meals

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