Earth + Water = Kapha

insight Feb 08, 2022

My hermit side loves winter, and this season has given us more reasons than ever to, as I put it lightly to my friends the other day, ‘stay the-fuck at home’. 

As we move into year three of the pandemic I’m moving into ever deeper layers of nesting and homemaking. It is something new for me as this is the first house I’ve ever owned and the first time I’ve had so many legitimate excuses to stay at home for long stretches of time. 

Although I’ve resisted it, this new at-home work-life rhythm suits me fine. I had really grown to love spending my days at my little yoga therapy studio space with my community but time at home has made space for a closer connection with fewer dedicated clients, more nourishment of my body, and different kinds of creativity. 

One of the hobbies I’ve picked up over the pandemic is medicinal herbal oil infusions. The oils are for the face and nose or self-massage, all of which I highly recommend utilizing. Every step of the process is really a beautiful sensory experience and it has really been soothing and fun for me to explore both the creation of the blends and the practice of noticing their impact on my well-being. I've just been sharing them with my friends for now but I'm loving it!


I’ve been creating lots of great Ayurveda content to share with you here and on my social media. I will be sharing more about the practices and products that help me most. Today I'll be sharing a few great products from Banyan Botanicals.  

Watch the above video to get a sneak peek of the video collaboration with Banyan Botanicals where I'm sharing about the emotional side of kapha dosha and what I do when I feel stagnant or stuck. Below are the products I shared in the video that are great for the heavy wet dense slow foggy qualities of kapha season. 

If you’d like more support with your Ayurvedic lifestyle and specific recommendations for you consider my personalized yoga therapy programs. We have a ten-day group practice beginning soon!

Here is my wintertime playlist and a poem for you! I’ve been spending lots of time with my ‘inner little sister’ (pictured below) and this poem is for her. 

Cheers to you this season and the sweet steady stubbornness of kapha dosha! 


I so desperately want you to think I’m cool
Said little me to everyone I ever met

On the outside I’m acting as if
That’s all I can say

inside I’m not cool,
I’m burning

So for my uncool
little one with
Big hoopdreams &

I reserve the 
to be 
and actively stay 
as long as I damn-well like. 


Product recommendations for kapha season (late winter/early spring): 

Triphala - Use triphala occasionally when I know I would benefit from some digestive support before or after I eat in tincture form. I make a tea and use it for 3-10 days each season. I find it to be an easy way to support good digestion all year round. 

Kapha Massage Oil - I have dense and heavy energy in my legs and ankles. I use kapha oil to warm and mobilize the tissues to support circulation and clear stagnation. You could combine it with a practice of legs up the wall before bed as an evening routine. 

Mental Clarity - a blend of herbs to clear the mental fog. I take it in the morning and feel its effect in about 1-2 hours for about 3 or 4 hours. 

You can get specific recommendations for your elemental nature by taking their dosha quiz. Please use the code JAYME15 for a discount. This is an affiliate link and I greatly appreciate your support! 

You can find these products and take a dosha quiz on my practitioner page at this link.

If you'd like to learn more about the concept of Rasa that I speak about above I'd recommend the latest issue titled Rasa of the digital publication from the Circle Yoga Shala


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