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stories Nov 14, 2021

When you traverse any area for the first time, it is wise to get a trusted guide. This way, you can quickly and easily become aware of all the things you could not have known about that will create difficulty. Someone to share your experience with and help you navigate what can only be known through experience.

So it is with the path of yoga, you need a guide. Someone who has walked the path before and has studied the lay of the land and developed their own way of practicing that they can share with you.

It is my goal to offer my experience through this blog as a guide to learning more about what it is like aim your life towards fulfillment and ease, which are at the heart of a yoga practice.

In my life, I have been drawn to study wisdom traditions in an immersive way. Initially what drew me to yoga practice was that it met me physically. It was at a time and place where I needed to relearn how to exist in my body after years and years of pounding on basketball courts and demanding my body exert constantly for years on end.

I learned about a different way to approach strength and power in movement and that embodied learning has impacted every area of my life. Posture practice challenged and excited me to learn new things about my body, like how I tend to over effort and then give up, or what I can do to ensure that my knees last a lifetime. But truly that was only the beginning of my experience traversing the yoga landscape.

My practice has evolved and changed over time and it is the deeper aspects of yoga teachings that have given me a clear connection to my personal values and vision of what’s possible for our existence as humans. I’ve come to understand that the path of yoga is one you walk to deepen and fortify your relationship with yourself. The more time spent studying, teaching, and attempting to live the way the more I realize it is about good boundaries, knowing your own shadow, and cultivating healthy relationships with your habits and other people. There is no bypassing that is worth doing because everything has a path to development. We have to crawl before we can walk, there is no getting around it without going back anyhow.

Yoga has given me a method of how to practice that is being continually refined through my experience. It taught me a way to train my body and mind that is in alignment with my spirit. It is my hope through this writing to share more with you about my experience of being devoted to living my yoga practice.

Sharing so personally is something I’ve put off because it feels vulnerable and scary to expose what is so close to my heart but I have also come to understand through practice that when we are blessed to find wisdom that resonates and teachers that give and share freely we honor that through what we contribute and how we continue to carry that forward to others. I will focus here on the deeper river of perennial truths that are at the heart of why we seek out a practice like yoga, not superficial technicalities like which is the right way to do alternate nostril breathing or oven its name in Sanskrit.

Despite having the kind of intensity and go-getter attitude that lead me into a career in athletics yoga practice has transformed the orientation of my goals. I’m no longer in a race to be a champion or pushing myself to ‘win’ in the same way. Now that energy is directed towards being fully engaged in a process of developing self-knowledge to reduce unnecessary suffering in my life and give me the strength and courage to contribute to something larger than myself.

Now I am devoted to a life of ease, cultivating wisdom, and experiencing peace, which happens mostly through a continual process of letting go. It is the goal of this relaxed writing to share more of what that process of change has been like for me, with you.

You can expect a mix of personal stories with teachers or teachings, shares about how I orient my lifestyle to practice, insights from traversing this modern yoga landscape, more on what I mean by being devoted to ease, guided practices and contemplations to integrate into daily life, and insights into why I teach what I teach in my home yoga programs.




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