After years of being deeply immersed in both the yoga and fitness industries I've gathered knowledge and experience that can help you develop a personal practice and daily routine that is just right for you.

I call this - Precision Practice.

This is much more than walking you through a set of exercises. Each time we get together it is an individualized kinesthetic learning session giving you the what, how, and why of the exact tools to help you create new habits and achieve your goals. 

Each session we check-in with exactly where you are at that day and what your body and mind need. Over our time together you will develop a toolbox that will allow you to face the ebb-and-flow of life with grace, resilience, and charm. You will likely lose weight and get physically stronger along the way (believe it or not that is the easy part). The harder and more profound effect  will be when you access the immense power of your own body and mind through self-assessment and self-care. 

Sign up for a free 20 minute consultation and we can discuss your goals.  I'll present you with options to choose from in moving forward together. Let's talk soon! 

Give it 3 months

...and we can meet your goals to change.

For new clients I strongly recommend a three month package in which we will train together 3x/week the first month, 2x/week the second, and 1x/week the third. As we work together less you pick up the sessions on your own. I recommend this method for sustainable change, be it an exercise routine or daily yoga and meditation practice.  I won't be just instructing you, I will be teaching you everything I can during our sessions so that you are empowered to create the practice that is just right for you.

Meet your fitness and stress reduction goals.  Click the link above to sign up for a free consult and let's talk.