Live In Flow + Sedona Yoga Festival Retreat


What if you could go on a year-long yoga retreat without uprooting your life?


We can make it happen.

Join me at the Sedona Yoga Festival 2023 and then online for my exclusive 12-month Live in Flow program. I only have four tickets available.

This guided, extended retreat is for you if you... 

  • Have difficulty prioritizing self-care
  • Love supportive, small-group experiences 
  • Want consistent support from an expert yoga therapist
  • Want to uncover more vitality and feeling in your home yoga practice
  • Are seeking an immersive yoga experience like no other (both at home & afar)
  • Want to feel more purpose, ease, and joy and tap into your full potential
build your thriving life

We all need to get away sometimes.

At the same time, the last few years in isolation have also taught us how important it is to learn to live with more joy and ease in our everyday lives. This is why this unique extended retreat experience is so special. You’ll get to step away into the mystery for a while and then come back to the ordinary with a roadmap toward a more extraordinary and purposeful life.

The Journey of retreating in Sedona & a year of Living in Flow


The theme of this year's Sedona Yoga Festival is “Give It Up For Grace.” During our time together, I’ll personally guide you through the retreat experience, helping you extract exactly what you want from it—we’ll even set up a call beforehand to customize your schedule based on your needs, goals, and interests.

This time in retreat is designed to be nourishing on a deep soul level—helping you surrender troubles from the last few years in isolation and find more joy. You’ll uncover new ways of moving and being, join in on daily community circles to integrate and process your experience, take advantage of a robust workshop and class schedule, and soak in the beauty of the red rocks through guided land excursions.

Sedona will be the perfect way to begin our Live in Flow work together, where I will guide you through unique self-care routines and therapeutic practices for twelve whole months from the comfort of home. During Live in Flow, you will also get 12 one-on-one sessions with me that will help you meet your practice goals.

What to Expect

In Sedona, I will be offering: 

  • Two festival workshops + guidance throughout the festival & retreat 
  • One 1:1 therapeutic session for each participants
  • Daily morning meditation and evening yoga nidra practices (+ audio recordings of them for continued use)
  • All the planning - transportation & activities will all be planned for you 
  • An onboarding call before the Sedona retreat to set your schedule and coordinate logistics 

This will be a supportive, small-group experience (between you, me, and three other folks). There are also many other teachers you’ll get to study with in Sedona. Find the complete schedule here

As for Live in Flow, this is a personalized and fully-guided online yoga program that offers another small-group, this time from home. I will help you start or revive your home yoga practice, get out of pain, feel free in your body again, and rediscover your inner compass.


This program comprises...

  • 50+ daily practices and 60+ hours of progressive instruction ($3000 value)
  • Progressive guided meditations and yoga nidra audio practices for deep relaxation and better sleep ($350 value)
  • Monthly (12) 1:1 zoom calls with me to develop your action plan and explore personalized movement and Ayurvedic screening ($1800 value)  
  • Direct text access to me for all your questions and concerns ($1000 value)
  • The most applicable wisdom of Ayurveda and how it can change your life from my Sanctuary Home Retreat Program ($775 value) 
  • In-course journal and prompts to integrate your experience of each practice
  • Two monthly check-in clinics where you can ask me questions and stay inspired for your daily practice
  • Two monthly community calls and one quarterly retreat cohort call
  • One year of continued access so you can come back to your favorite practices again and again (priceless!)

I can’t wait to soak up Sedona with you and then continue guiding you all year long as you meet your practice goals.

Let’s go on this journey together.

Reserve Your Spot Now

If you are interested but still have questions apply and schedule an insight call with me!