Live In Flow


An adaptable program plan to help you start or revive a home yoga practice, get out of pain, feel free in your body again, rediscover your inner compass, and propel you toward your potential.


Restore  |  Align  |  Adapt  |  Train  | Connect

This program is for you if you…

  • Have neck, shoulder, back, or any kind of joint or muscle pain
  • Feel overwhelmed or anxious
  • Procrastinate or have trouble making decisions
  • Feel scattered or struggle to stay focused
  • Difficulty maintaining boundaries and prioritizing self-care
  • Feel disconnected or misaligned with your life

And you want…

  • To feel better and move better
  • To deepen your yoga practice & get support developing a consistent practice
  • Better relationships with yourself, other people, food, or [insert your favorite vice here]
  • Deep relaxation and better sleep
  • More purpose, ease, and joy in your life so you can tap into your full potential
  • To connect with a community of like-minded practitioners
  • Address patterns of self-sabotage
  • A systematic program to devote yourself to
  • Consistent support from an expert yoga therapist & teacher
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Other online yoga programs barely scratch the surface. They teach only physical postures, or asana. They ignore the deeper meaning and purpose of a yoga practice.


We've heard from so many folks that have taken online yoga course or joined memberships and felt frustrated that they were fragmented and superficial. Eventually, most of them are never finished or go unused. Leaving the student still unsatisfied and confused from random classes that offer no depth or clear through-line in the teachings. 


Other Programs

  • superficial
  • random collections of classes
  • fragmented--focused on only one body part at a time

Live In Flow is Unique: 

  • holistic—goes beyond just poses and includes the spirit of yoga
  • purposefully progresses over time 
  • helps you design the most efficient and powerful home practice and lifestyle for you
  • connects to a lineage of teachings all about living in freedom and fulfillment
  • self-regulation and somatic practices to build your nervous system capacity
  • functional movement flows to balance strength & mobility while developing body awareness

What you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the program so you can come back to your favorite practices again and again (priceless!!)
  • 50+ daily practices and 60+ hours of progressive instruction ($2800 value)
  • Progressive guided meditations & yoga nidra audio practices for deep relaxation and better sleep ($250 value)
  • Unlimited direct messaging access to Jayme for all your questions and concerns in the homeyoga community 
  • In course journal and prompts to integrate your experience of each practice 


  • The Live In Flow toolkit discounts with Yoga TuneUp therapy balls, Ayurvedic products, & massage gun 
  • Exclusive bonus lectures on becoming a sovereign being and Polyvagal Theory: how and why yoga impacts the nervous system ($199 value) 

$1500  ON SALE: $699 

payment plan available


This is yoga teaching you won’t find in a studio or a gym. Get the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need.


Finally, relieve chronic tension and pain. Reconnect with your body and breath. Reconnect with your life.

About Jayme

I’m Jayme, creator of Live In Flow. I’m a 500-hr eRYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) and a Certified Yoga Therapist from the International Association for Yoga Therapy.

A former professional basketball player, I discovered the power of yoga and meditation when struggling to overcome performance blocks on the court. What I learned helped take my team from lowest ranked in the conference to conference champions. Since then, I’ve been on a path to learn and teach this profound practice.

In 2010, I diverged from my career path as a high-level strength coach and traveled extensively in South America, where my interest in yoga and spirituality deepened. Back in the states, I became a resident of the Himalayan Institute where I studied and lived for three years. There, I earned my 300hr and yoga therapy certifications.

Yoga (in the fullest sense of the word) helps me enjoy life. It has taught me about “right relationship”—the ability to live peacefully and joyfully—with myself and with others. Sharing this practice with others is more than meaningful to me—it’s my path and my purpose.

Yoga leads to nothing short of transformation. I can’t wait to share it with you.



"I have worked with Jayme Sweere in both a professional and personal capacity. My experience of her has always been that she is an expert in her area of study and has a talent for communicating and inspiring others towards a deeper relationship with their body. I am a mental health therapist here in Springfield, MO and I specialize in the treatment of trauma and PTSD. I believe that the integration of body and mind is essential in the healing of trauma and the optimization of a person’s mental health. I have sent many of my clients and students to work with Jayme to help them learn about how their body is involved in their symptoms and how to begin their healing journey. 

Somatic (body-based) therapies like the ones Jayme is doing are allowing people to heal on a deeper level than talk therapies alone, and I am incredibly grateful for what she is bringing to our community. Jayme provides insight into how to work with breath, movement, mindfulness, food and meditation to promote health in mind, body and spirit. She has been a gift to my clients and is working to build awareness and access to new and exciting ways to heal."



Event Planner

"Jayme helped me feel at home in my body again. Through her kindness and non-judgemental observation, I also learned how to be gentle to my body and worked with her to increase critical strength. In 40 days of yoga therapy with her, I am already seeing a massive difference in my core strength and in how I relate to my own body. I breathe easier and, as a bonus, so much anxiety has subsided. Thank you so much for your help! I am truly, truly grateful!"




"It is rare to meet one as devoted to wholeness as Jayme. Her practice, be it yoga, meditation, chant, prayer, or embodiment roots into the core of life itself.

When you are with her you will find that your whole body responds to that call, it is as if Jayme herself is the answer to your search for freedom and flexibility. When you say “Yes” to that invitation the restoration of your own core strength starts exactly where you are. Whether it is balancing elements in your life or learning to roll with the ease of an infant (not as easy as it sounds) there is healing.

Private yoga therapy with Jayme unlocked 20+ years of literally moving the wrong way for me. Since then I sleep more deeply, breathe more fully and feel alive again in my body. I highly recommend any opportunity to learn and be guided by this wonder-filled Soul and teacher!"


Frequently asked questions...

What is Yoga Therapy?


Are you ready to finally get out of pain, create a rewarding yoga practice, and find new freedom in your body and your life?


Your nervous system is key to your vitality. Learn how to create a daily self-care routine that targets and heals your nervous system.


Shift attention away from your worried head and into your magic body. Discover a new experience of your movement and breath that will expand your idea of yoga practice forever.


Make steadiness and ease your new normal!  Feel confident and competent to adjust your practice as needed day-to-day so you can get out of pain quickly and self correct your posture.


Take on new challenges and wisely build your physical and mental capacities. Build the  strength and focus to gracefully handle whatever life brings your way. 


Join a supportive community and get 1-1 guidance from me as you design your yoga practice and dive deeper into spiritual knowing.

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