meet this moment

practice May 18, 2022

We go into meditation so that we can train ourselves into the present. That means we are able to somehow escape the tyranny of our mind and meet this moment... but we can't do that if we're in pain!

This simple yoga flow is designed to become your regular meditation preparation and target specific areas of common pains in meditation. Combining vigorous breathwork with easeful but targeted developmental flow this practices will help you to 'find your center' and to focus the mind for a guided meditation setup and mantra offering before leaving you to your seated practice. 

This practice was recorded on Sunday May 15 for the full moon eclipse and is heating or Brahmana in energetic quality.

I recommend you continue using the video guidance until you have a sense of competency with these techniques. After practicing along with the video guidance 3-5 times you will have the muscle memory to practice a few of these flows before each meditation session so that you're established in an easeful breath and a stable comfortable posture before you extend the length of your meditation. 



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