meet this moment

practice May 18, 2022

We go into meditation so that we can train ourselves into the present. That means we are able to somehow escape the tyranny of our mind and meet this moment... but we can't do that if we're in pain!

This simple yoga flow is designed to become your regular meditation preparation and target specific areas of common pains in meditation. Combining vigorous breathwork with easeful but targeted developmental flow this practices will help you to 'find your center' and to focus the mind for a guided meditation setup and mantra offering before leaving you to your seated practice. 

This practice was recorded on Sunday May 15 for the full moon eclipse and is heating or Brahmana in energetic quality.

I recommend you continue using the video guidance until you have a sense of competency with these techniques. After practicing along with the video guidance 3-5 times you will have the muscle memory to practice a few of these flows before each meditation session so that you're...

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step confidently into what’s next...


Have you ever been to Sedona Arizona? One of my favorite parts about being there is the way the red rocks feel. I’d like to invite you to join me for a free practice that gives you a taste of what that’s like—even at a distance.  

The sequence we’ll do is super short and only includes a few poses: corpse pose, mountain pose, and a brief opportunity to try tree pose. Most of you are already pretty familiar with these postures, but we’ll approach them differently by focusing on the earth element and specific activations of the feet and legs to help you cultivate steadiness and stability. 

We’ll pay attention to thoughts and sensations and breathe as wide and deep as canyons. Maybe afterward you’ll see why I just can’t seem to stay away from this mysterious place. Or maybe you’ve already been and you also feel the call return. Speaking of which, I have a little story to share about my last visit . . .

In 2020, I was...

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return to your breath & your senses

practice Mar 04, 2022
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Jayme Sweere
return to your breath & your senses

This is a short and simple practice to support you to reconnect to your breath and your senses. Although this practice is simple, it can be a profound support in developing a pattern of presence. 

If you use it frequently to anchor you in the present moment you will find yourself less distracted, worried, and fearful. It is most supportive when practiced often as a way of training your attention, but you can also use it in a pinch to calm down. 

In the audio, I say to lay down flat but you could...

  • use it in your office chair five minutes before an important meeting
  • start your walk with it to get out of your head 
  • take quick rest to reset if you're working late on a big project
  • do a wall sit and listen to overcome being overwhelmed by worry or fear

Bookmark the page and use it anytime you need to be guided back to your breath and your senses. 


Want to learn more about what we do in yoga therapy and how it would apply to you and your life? Schedule an ...

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Don't know what you want?

insight practice Nov 10, 2021

How you can know what you truly want vs your self-defeating tendencies from the past? It's so tricky and hard to know!  This is why I'm so excited to share a practice that for me cut right to the heart of why we practice by asking me... What is it you actually want?

This practice is great to do as a way to connect with your deepest soul-level desire. Finding from the inside your own vision for what is possible for your life and the collective. Your connection to your own heart will deepen with this practice over time, stay with it for a bit.

Start this weekend and try to practice for 30 days to experience a deeper connection to your imagination, access to creative solutions, and a deeper sense of inner knowing. 

Tune in with this practice as a midday rest or as your transition from work life to home life. Write a few words in your journal about your experience each time you practice. You can download it here for regular use or save my SoundCloud playlist.


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