why what you want matters

insight practice stories Nov 19, 2022

When is the last time you tried to connect with your own heart and what you truly want for your life? It's harder to do than it seems but it is a powerful practice I hope to help you understand in this one post. Take a moment to ask yourself now in whatever way feels right to you: what is it you want at your core?

Ok... I'll go first, what do I really really want? What is it that keeps me devoted to my practice and aspiring toward my unique purpose?

I want to live in a world with more soul.

I know I'm doing well when I am centering my actions around this deep core desire. Connecting to my heart's desire is how I started to make choices that cleared away obligations and trauma patterning from the past. It's how I cultivated a discernment about right action for me in my life. It's why I teach and work with people to create a life they love on a soul level. 

Maybe you are finding that feeling like 'I should do that'  isn't creating the consistency you expected of yourself in your yoga, breathwork, or meditation practice. I think I know why...and in the video above I talked about why it's so important to get down to what you really really want to find the motivation you will need to succeed at and feel the results of your efforts in practice.

In the video above you will learn: 

  • how I know what you want is so important
  • the difference in desires that arise in the mind and desires from the heart (AKA: discernment)
  • different aspects of our mind according to the yoga tradition
  • how I customize my yoga programs based on what you want


Radically simple prompts for connecting to your heart's desire from the vlog above:
Hold those prompts in your mind for the next few days and journal about them. Be welcome to share with me what you find!


Do you want to focus your time spent practicing yoga to be about authentically connecting with your own heart, embodying aligned action, and getting clear on what you really want? Then my immersive yoga training program Live in Flow is for you. You get over 60 elemental-focused guided practices that are designed to help you embody feeling in a trauma-informed step-by-step way. See what is included and begin now at this link. 


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