return to your breath & your senses

practice Mar 04, 2022
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Jayme Sweere
return to your breath & your senses

This is a short and simple practice to support you to reconnect to your breath and your senses. Although this practice is simple, it can be a profound support in developing a pattern of presence. 

If you use it frequently to anchor you in the present moment you will find yourself less distracted, worried, and fearful. It is most supportive when practiced often as a way of training your attention, but you can also use it in a pinch to calm down. 

In the audio, I say to lay down flat but you could...

  • use it in your office chair five minutes before an important meeting
  • start your walk with it to get out of your head 
  • take quick rest to reset if you're working late on a big project
  • do a wall sit and listen to overcome being overwhelmed by worry or fear

Bookmark the page and use it anytime you need to be guided back to your breath and your senses. 


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