a new lens - SYF presentation

insight practice Jun 15, 2022
Jayme Sweere
a new lens - SYF presentation

Read below for some musings on my new lens in lfie and see a video of my introduction at SYF or click play above to enjoy listening in to my full mini lecture and practice at the Sedona Yoga Festival June 2-5 2022. (Click here to learn about joining me in 2023!)

I’ve worn glasses since I was five. Pretty thick ones from the start that progressively got thicker as I got older. I got contact lenses in the third grade so that I could see my first true love, the basketball hoop, better. I hated the limited vision in the periphery. Having extremely blurry vision has always been something I struggled with and the same is true for seeing my life and actions clearly. From these experiences, I know how much can shift from a new lens both literally and metaphorically 

Just like getting that first pair of glasses at 5 and contacts at 8, yoga has been the lens that I’ve tried on that made things feel more clear to me. When I started to see the world through the lens of the five elements that yoga and Ayurveda teach I started to feel like finally I actually knew what to do and how to take action. 

Though becoming deeply fascinated with the elements and their relationship with our 5 senses I have found a new perspective on life. One that allows for my vision to get soft and have that be ok. One that can handle obstacles, obscurity, and difficulty because the view is broader and longer than just what is on the surface of a situation. 

So that’s why I decided to teach a session called Embodied Elements at the Sedona Yoga Festival. It was how I could best communicate how I utilize my elemental lens to adapt my own practice day to day and to create personalized practices for my clients. Check out my session introduction below and the full guided practice in the audio version above. Both in the video and audio, you can hear what the festival environment was like we had a lively group next door that was fun to navigate. Listen in and then practice along! 


Practicing with the five elements as my lens has put me back in touch with all parts of my once fragmented self in a way that has shifted my experience of my own emotions and has helped me get clear on what I want and how to prioritize my time. By embodying the elements there has been a seemingly unrelated ability develop to name and address my feelings and find a pathway towards taking good care of myself and those I love no matter what arises. Now, I can see the way.  

I love yoga for its techniques and philosophy, yes but what I really love most is how gently and repeatedly it pointed me towards experiencing my whole life in a new way. How it pointed me towards what is right here in front of me all the time, the five elements of nature.

I want the same for you and to see you succeed in life by finding the practice that supports and resonates with you so you can meet your potential and know that you're spending your time wisely.

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