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Have you ever been to Sedona Arizona? One of my favorite parts about being there is the way the red rocks feel. I’d like to invite you to join me for a free practice that gives you a taste of what that’s like—even at a distance.  

The sequence we’ll do is super short and only includes a few poses: corpse pose, mountain pose, and a brief opportunity to try tree pose. Most of you are already pretty familiar with these postures, but we’ll approach them differently by focusing on the earth element and specific activations of the feet and legs to help you cultivate steadiness and stability. 

We’ll pay attention to thoughts and sensations and breathe as wide and deep as canyons. Maybe afterward you’ll see why I just can’t seem to stay away from this mysterious place. Or maybe you’ve already been and you also feel the call return. Speaking of which, I have a little story to share about my last visit . . .

In 2020, I was about to teach the largest class of my career at the Sedona Yoga Festival. Me and a close group of friends traveled to the desert, got settled into our beautiful retreat center rooms, and looked forward to the big event the next day. Well guess what y’all . . . that event never happened. Lockdown started the day we arrived and the event was canceled for safety. 

It’s hard to believe it, but after years of social isolation… festivals are back. And you bet I will be returning to Sedona this year. 

I would also love for you to join me there.

I am offering four spots up to come and play with me in the desert from June 1-6 as a kick-off to a year of working together during my Live in Flow program. Combined, these experiences will offer you a year in retreat without having to uproot your life (because you won’t even have to leave your home for most of it). 

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Let me tell you more about what you can expect from our time together.

As a yoga therapist, a personalized approach is important to me as I know each student has unique needs. This is why I’ve designed this extended time together—both in-person and online—to be fully guided and customizable.

The theme of this year's Sedona Yoga Festival is “Give It Up For Grace.” Our time in the desert will be nourishing on a deep soul level—helping you surrender troubles from the last few years in isolation and find more joy. I will be a resource for you throughout the experience, and we’ll even set up a call beforehand to personalize your schedule based on your needs, goals, and interests. 

You’ll uncover new ways of moving and being, join in on daily community circles to integrate and process your experience, take advantage of a robust workshop and class schedule, and soak in the beauty of the red rocks through guided land excursions. I’ll be teaching an evolutionary namaskar practice, an embodied elements workshop, and lead a heartfelt yoga nidra practice. You’ll also get to study with many other expert teachers, and if you’d like to become trauma-informed in your work in the world (whether yoga or otherwise) there is also a 20-hour CEU training as a part of the festival that you can attend. 

Once you get back, we’ll begin your customized Live in Flow program. 

In this online program, I’ll lead you through unique self-care routines and therapeutic practices for twelve whole months from the comfort of home. We’ll also meet once a month over zoom for private sessions, giving us the opportunity to field any questions you may have, track your progress, refine your goals, and enhance your program experience. 

This program offers you 50+ daily practices and 60+ hours of progressive instruction, guided yoga meditation and yoga nidra audio meditations for deep relaxation and better sleep, 1:1 time with me, direct chat access to me for all your questions and concerns, the most applicable wisdom of Ayurveda and how it can change your life, four monthly community calls and one quarterly retreat cohort call, and so much more. You will also have one year of continued access so you can come back to your favorite practices again and again (priceless!).

Best of both worlds . . .

Sedona and Live in Flow offer the best of both worlds: you’ll get to step away into the mystery for a while and then come back home with a roadmap toward a more extraordinary and purposeful life.

If you’re anything like me, this time in isolation brought about major transformations for you . . . some painful, some beautiful. This trip feels like a bookend of years of personal growth and development like I’ve never known before and I'm so ready for something new.

Won’t you join me to close out 'the pandemic years' and step confidently into what’s next? 

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